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Micsky Septic Systems offers repair services for all types of septic systems. Whether your septic system is relatively new or been installed for many years we have the expertise to diagnose problems and make the appropriate repairs. We pride ourselves in giving honest and professional septic system repair evaluations, and educating the home owner on the operating principals of their systems. We feel this is vital in aiding the home owner in making informed decisions about the repairs that may need to be required.

Common repairs Include:

  • Sewer line backups
  • Household odors
  • Tank cleaning and pumping
  • Effluent filter cleaning
  • Pump replacement
  • Float switch replacement
  • Alarm occurrences
  • Flooded drain fields
  • Flooded sand mounds
  • Sand filter cleaning
  • Peat moss filter cleaning
  • Lateral Jetting & Vacuuming
  • Septic tank repairs / replacement
  • Riser extensions
  • Broken tank lids
  • Troubleshoot electrical issues
  • Ultra Violet light repairs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What causes a septic system to fail ?

Many contributing factors can lead to septic system failure. Not pumping the septic tank on a routine basis greatly increases the chance of system failure. Other reasons may be pump(s) failures, lack of routine maintenance, improper disposal of household products and cleaning agents, excessive water usage or ground water entering a leaking system component. An older system may even have been incorrectly built on unsatisfactory soil conditions, that can simply not absorb the household water.

How do I know if I have a failing septic system ?

The definition of a failing septic system is improperly treated water / sewage entering the environment. Many homeowners have failing septic systems and never know they have a problem. The household drains seem to be working correctly from inside the home. The problem exists outside the home. Where is all that water going? Many instances are of overflow pipes going over a hillside, gravel trenches that are suppose to absorb the effluent, but only work during the dry seasons of the year. Take the time to walk around your property, wet spots in the yard, unknown purpose pipes, constant water in road ditches, all can be indicators of potential problems. If you are unaware of where your septic system is located that is also a good indicator that your system may not be functioning properly.