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There are many types of septic systems, but the most common types of systems installed are listed below.

Traditional Systems

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Small Flow Treatment Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of septic system do I need to install?

Vacant Land:

Before purchasing any property the potential buyer should always have a soil probe conducted. This determines what type of septic system will be required on that particular property. In some cases the seller may have already had a soil probe conducted. In this case always ask for a copy of all the reports, paying specific attention to the date the soil probe was conducted, as expiration dates do exist, and the property may need to be retested as some soil requirements may have changed since the soil probe was conducted. The type of septic system determined to be installed will greatly affect the cost of installation, as septic systems can range from $3,500 to $30,000 greatly affecting the value of the property. Admittedly the cost of having a properties soil tested is not inexpensive, however the potential cost of not having the soil tested could be catastrophic. Many potential buyers and sellers come to agreement to negotiate the costs, as the soil probe is valuable to both parties involved.

Existing Home :

Before purchasing an existing home the potential buyer should always have a qualified installer / service provider conduct an inspection of the existing septic system to help determine if there are potential problems with the system. Typically a Dye Test is conducted, where colored dye is introduced into all drains and toilets, including floor drains. Where this dye appears outdoors can be an indicator of the condition of the existing septic system. A dye test alone is not a sufficient test of the systems functionality. This is the reason for the qualified installer/service provider. His or her expertise becomes invaluable in this situation. If the existing septic system is found to be failing and simple repairs can not correct the condition, then a new system would need to be installed. The steps to proceed would be the same as  vacant land as described above.